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LEGO Day: Offshore Wind Farms

1:00 pm
3:00 pm

Join us for a new and exciting LEGO day! Stephen Schwartz, Architect of SWS Architects Livingston NJ and Building Blocks Workshop will lead a LEGO workshop where families learn, build, and explore “Offshore Wind Farms.” In this 2 hour program, families will use up to 70,000 LEGO building blocks and devices that can rotate just like real windmills! Families will team up and work together to create inventive sculptures of windmill models that together will display a giant collaborative 3D map.

This program focuses on an actual wind farm that is now being built 35 miles East of Montauk and 12 miles South of Martha's Vineyard. That wind farm will produce 100% of the electrical needs of East Hampton, NY. They will be the first city in the US to be 100% GREEN! Schwartz will unroll a 20-foot x 30-foot map of Eastern Long Island, and teams will place all the windmill models in the ocean where they will be built and learn about Offshore Windpower. This event is a unique experience for folks of all ages that enjoy LEGO to have fun while learning about 100% GREEN energy!

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