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Meet Our New Diversity Interns!



Anaiah Cupe


My favorite thing in the Museum is the Sheila Hick’s Vivace, Vivace located at the Nathaniel Harris Entrance. It seems simple but it’s really creative and there is always something that draws me to it. The colors are very neat and orderly, it’s very satisfying for me.





I am Anaiah Cupe and I go to Immaculate Conception High School in Montclair, but I am a resident of Newark. Previously I have been involved in the MAM's Youth Perspective Program. This was a five-week program in which I got a closer look at the work throughout the Museum and even met people who worked at the Museum. After college, I want to become an art therapist for small children.




Arcadia Kantrow


My favorite part of the entire Museum would have to be Studio A. It's a studio in the back of the Museum where many children's art classes take place. It is filled with boxes and shelves of art supplies to experiment with. There are no limits in that tiny little room.





My name is Arcadia Kantrow and I'm a junior at Bloomfield High. I've always loved any type of art and would love to go to art school in the future. Until then, I've had a great time assisting with different programs at MAM and have met all sorts of wonderful people.




Ronetta M. Smith


I fell in love with the Montclair Art Museum, at the age of ten, after being enrolled in the Museum's SummerART Camp. That summer camp opened my eyes to the endless possibilities I can create simply using a pencil and a piece of paper. I have continued to develop my artistic skills and I have grown to appreciate other talented artists. My favorite artist is Henri Matisse.



My name is Ronetta M. Smith and I attend Montclair High School. Art has been a channel for me to express my creative vision. Over the years I fell in love with creating vessels out of clay. I work at the MakeReady Gallery in Montclair; there I can grow my knowledge of art and meet talented artists. I have a vast array of interests, which including hiking, camping, cooking, religious activities and learning about different cultures. I aspire to become an astronaut and become the first female to travel to Mars.




Jacqueline Qiu


My favorite thing about MAM is the role it's had on young artists in the community. I learned my foundational skills at the Yard School of Art; delved into wheel-throwing, comic-book making, and oil painting. I've met some of my closest friends through the program and now I am nurturing that experience for others.




I was born in Montclair, NJ. The town fostered my love for art at a young age and I am now a senior at Montclair High School looking to pursue a major and career in the field of art.