Monika Bravo: New Work | Montclair Art Museum
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Monika Bravo: New Work

Start Date: 
Sep 22, 2013
End Date: 
Sep 14, 2014

Two works by the multidisciplinary artist Monika Bravo are on view on MAM’s outdoor video monitors. Bravo’s work incorporates still and moving images as well as sound and interactivity to explore our emotional and cognitive relationships to the world that surrounds us. Though trained as a photographer, she likens her work to abstract painting, as it engages less with documentation and narrative than with process and affect. She explains, “I am mostly interested in process, and how through it I can decipher my relationship to space, not just physical, but emotional space.” 

BREATHING_WALL was originally commissioned as large-scale video installation for the Tom Bradley International Terminal at the Los Angeles Airport (LAX). Filmed over five years at LAX’s arrival terminal, Grand Central Station, New York, and the Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris, it presents moving images of crowds circulating through these public spaces. To create the work, Bravo distorted video footage through a lens, and then edited it to weave together footage from various times and places. The resulting composition comprises constantly shifting layers of color and pattern, the subtle, organic movements of which call to mind a “breathing” wall. 
LIQUID_WALL continues the motifs explored in BREATHING_WALL, and was made using the same techniques. In this case, the work is based on footage of a marina and its manmade surroundings. Weaving together images of water—some which has been tainted oil residue—and its reflections, its mutating images are both beautiful and unsettling.

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