Cyber Studio: Self Portrait with Colored Gel Filters

Create a colorful self portrait with MAM at educator Catherine Pezo, inspired by Andy Warhol, 1968 by Philippe Halsman.

You can learn more about photography in Catherine's Digital Photography SummerART class starting August 10!

You'll need:

  • Cell phone 
  • Clear tape
  • Sharpies/Permanent Marker of contrasting colors (Blue and Red work well)
  • Mirror
  • Solid background or white poster board


  1. Put a piece of clear tape over your phone’s back camera.  Color with Permanent marker on the tape over the area.  Experiment with adding more than one color.
  2. Find an area with direct light or natural light, like a window.  
  3. Set up your phone and mirror against a table of windowsill. 
  4.  Get in position with your background or lean your poster board behind you.  Use the mirror to help get yourself in the frame of the camera. 
  5. Using the self-timer feature on your camera, take your photo hands free.
  6. Enjoy your photoshoot!