Detail of a purple and white floral centerpiece at MAM's 2018 luncheon.


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Woodland Centerpieces Workshops

Participating Art in Bloom 2020 floral designers are invited to learn from world renowned designer Françoise Weeks and help us create the centerpieces that will be featured at the culminating Gala celebration. Françoise will share her passion for keenly observing nature, along with deeply honed architectural skills, in her popular Woodland Texture Workshop. You will learn how to see, source, scale, and shape natural works of art. Françoise will impart the detail that goes into utilizing logs, barks, branches, mosses, mushrooms, seed pods, and berries in rich and textural compositions. All flowers and supplies included. 

Two workshop sessions available:

Workshop 1: 9:30am– 12:30pm

Workshop 2: 2pm – 5pm

This workshop is open to floral designers participating in Art in Bloom 2020. Please email Christine Walia at for more information or to register.

Photo: Joni Shimabukuro

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Free to participating Art in Bloom 2020 floral designers

Adult (age 16+)
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Françoise Weeks

Françoise is known for her avant-garde headpieces. These dramatic headpieces showing off all the tools and tips of the trade that Françoise imparts. Her dedication to unfailing mechanics and materials exploration is the key to these pieces of sculpture. Explore her work at