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Art Forms in Nature: Two-Day Workshop

Two day workshop
6:00 pm
8:00 pm

These workshops will focus on the beauty, design, and function of forms, patterns, and structures found in the natural world. Natural specimens and images will serve as points of departure to explore forms and growth patterns such branching, spiral/Fibonacci, star/radial, retiform/veronoi and symmetry in nature. Participants will observe and sketch from examples, and create related art projects inspired by this scrutiny, including wire and clay sculpture, botanical printmaking, collage and Kirigami, and ink drawing, etc. Led by teaching artist and designer Karen Fuchs, cross-discipline connections between the natural and human-made, as well as art, design, science, and math will be shared. Open to all skill levels.

Students should bring:

  • sketchbook or paper
  • black ink pad (med-large)
  • cardboard (11x14-ish)

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Adult (age 16+)
Mixed Media
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Karen Fuchs

Karen Fuchs is a teaching artist and designer with a background in textile design and interior architecture. She has developed and teaches curriculum that focuses on the beauty, design, and function of art forms and patterns in nature and shares creative art-making projects inspired by this scrutiny. She leads presentations and workshops on branching, the spiral/Fibonacci, star/radial, retiform/veronoi, and symmetry in nature, making cross-discipline connections between art, design, science, math, and between the natural and human-made world. She has taught at many schools and arboretums, Montclair Art Museum, MOMA, MAD Museum, Pratt, Parsons, NYBG, NJ Audubon, NAEA, Young Audiences, etc. Her work includes cyanotypes, textiles, printmaking, ink and watercolor, collage, and assemblage.