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Floral Design Master Class Series with Françoise Weeks


October 15: Workshop 1


Botanical materials have all the sparkle, movement and gesture of gems and metals. Learn to innovate jewelry design using aluminum wire as a base for rings, necklaces, bracelets and earrings. Piece together the tiny and often overlooked bits of texture occurring in seed pods, tendrils, succulents, herbs and tropical greenhouse favorites and learn the magic of deconstructing botanical materials to create these detailed botanical jewels.  (Optional: register for this workshop only.)


October 22: Workshop 2


Memories of vacations foraging in the Swiss Alps led Françoise to innovate her trademark Woodland Texture design. Her home base in the Pacific Northwest provides ample inspiration and material for creative botanical sculpture.

Françoise will share her passion for keenly observing nature along with deeply honed architectural skills in her popular Woodland Texture Workshop. You will learn how to see, source, scale and shape natural works of art. Françoise will impart the detail that goes into utilizing logs, barks, branches, mosses, mushrooms, seed pods and berries in rich and textural compositions. Tools to find your own vision and local bounty will be emphasized. (Optional: register for this workshop only.)


October 29: Workshop 3

From Edible to Incredible

Designing with fruits and veggies has been another favorite for Francoise Weeks. Artichokes, eggplants, pineapples, pumpkins, peppers, apples, pears,... make the best containers. Filling glass vases with small fruits and veggies, also create eye-catching vessels. Learn how to use this plethora of options to decorate your dining room table. The options are endless! (Optional: register for this workshop only.)


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Françoise Weeks


Françoise Weeks was born in Belgium and started her business in 1996. She has infused her work with a quintessential European reverence for flowers and nature. Combined with creativity and mechanical ingenuity, she has crystalized her singular style of Textural Woodlands and Botanical Haute Couture pieces, garnering a global following.

Françoise’s studio is located in Portland, Oregon. Her generosity of knowledge and perspective in use of floral materials, structure and mechanics, in addition to the business of being a florist, unite to create rigorous and exciting learning opportunities for her students to explore all that nature has to offer.

Her innovation and love of teaching have brought her to many cities in the US in studios, at wholesalers, at garden clubs, Art in Bloom events and conferences, including at AIFD Symposium. She also taught in Mexico, Canada, England, Sweden, Iceland, France, China and Australia.

Her dynamic work has been published in national and international publications such as Nacre, Fusion Flowers, Modern Wedding Flowers, Huffington Post, Flutter and Millieu. Her book “The Herbal Recipe Keeper” was published by Timber Press in 2018.

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