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Parent/Child Digital Drawing

Working side-by-side with your child, learn the fundamentals of digital drawing using a digital tablet, stylus pen, and the Adobe Creative Suite as design tools. Collaborate and experiment with a variety of visual effects to produce original works of art that will be printed to take home.

For children ages 8+ and a parent.

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3:30 pm
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Gwen Charles

Gwen Charles is a visual artist who takes inspiration from everyday objects, dreams, and historical references, merging elements of reality and magical realism for her photographs and installations. Gwen’s art studio is located in Montclair, New Jersey.

She completed her MFA internationally with Transart Institute, in Berlin, Germany and her undergraduate studies at Parsons School of Design & The New School for Public Engagement. 

Teaching for over 25 years and at MAM for over 15 years, Gwen is a resourceful community educator working with all ages. She is deeply committed to providing imaginative hands-on experiences to stimulate the creative growth of her students.

Gwen loves cats, old fashioned toys, analog technology like records and 35 mm cameras, and cooking meals with international flavors.