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Photography’s Facts and Fictions

Photographers use their medium as a factual record keeper, as a tool to create fictions, or as a mixture of both. Through a combination of lectures, conversations, and close looking at select images, we will explore how the lines of fact and fiction blur at different moments of photography’s history—from the inception of the medium in the nineteenth century to the contemporary era. Some topics we may address include an introduction to photo theories that differentiate photography from other visual media; both the analog and digital manipulation of images; and genres of photography, such as portraiture and documentary, related to this topic. 

Wednesdays, Jul 1–Jul 22
5:00 pm
6:15 pm
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Adult (age 16+)
Art History
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Corey Dzenko, PhD

Corey Dzenko is an Assistant Professor of Art History at Monmouth University. Her research about contemporary art and photography focuses on the role of art as an agent of social change. She began her studies as a photographer, but switched fields after realizing she preferred looking at others’ work, rather than making her own. She earned her Ph.D. in Art History at the University of New Mexico, concentrating on the History of Photography. Corey presents her work in various national and international conferences, publishes about contemporary art in journals and exhibition catalogs, and co-edited Contemporary Citizenship, Art, and Visual Culture: Making and Being Made.