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Surface Design Session 2

Surface design refers to pretty much any way of getting images - usually prints and patterns - onto any kind of surface. I define it as any kind of image that ends up on paper or fabric. As such, Session 2 will focus on Alternative Marbling, Discharging (Bleaching) Fabric, Carving Your Own Stamps, and Collage. If you love texture, color, and pattern, you will love this class! Whether you work methodically or organically, you will love this class! And if you follow rules and then try to break them, you will love this class! Be ready to get messy, experiment, and to think ONLY about color.  Check the supply list before registering.

New students as well as those who completed Surface Design Session 1 are encouraged to enroll.

This class is online with live instruction. Students will need to have a computer, tablet, or phone with internet and access to Zoom

May 13, 20, 27 and June 3
6:30 pm
9:00 pm
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Miriam Jacobs

What Miriam Jacobs likes best is getting her hands dirty with pastels or clay or dye. Whether fine art or textile design, as long as she keeps her creative muscles engaged, she is happy.

Another surprising source of happiness: teaching art. Who knew? She became a certified art teacher and taught full time for a while, got two prints published, taught at private schools and other places, and, for many years, at Montclair Art Museum. She enjoys reading, playing Scrabble, doing virtual jigsaw puzzles, walking, and writing long emails.