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Teen Drawing

Mondays, 8 weeks
4:00 pm
5:30 pm
No class on Monday, May 27

What does it mean to have an artist’s eye? Let’s take drawing to the next level using the powers of perception. Together, we will develop basic proficiency in the foundations of drawing to create portfolio-ready artworks. Surveying a new technique each week, artists will balance academic rigor and personal freedom for creative expression. Taking inspiration from thousands of years of art history, we will render forms both objective and imaginative through the application of line, shape, color, form, value, texture, and space.

Whether sketching en plein air, drafting a cityscape in perspective, or rendering the human form, artists will develop confidence and capability. Artists will emerge from this open-level class with a sketchbook filled with ideas and prompts for the future. 

This class will include a visit to MAM’s galleries during class time to learn from artists on view and be inspired.

See the Yard School Policies for complete health and safety information.

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Teen (age 12–15)
Drawing & Illustration
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Emily Kenselaar

Emily Kenselaar is an art, yoga, and contemplative care practitioner with a diverse background in education, research/writing, and art therapy. With over a decade of experience working in the commercial art gallery world, she has cultivated a wellspring of creative insights which inform her philosophy as an educator. Emily is passionate about the therapeutic power of artmaking and the healing modalities which can support and empower us in the practice of creative expression.