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Watercolor: The Beginning

Mondays, April 12–June 7
11:30 am
2:00 pm
No class on Monday, May 31 – Memorial Day

This class for beginners will provide a comfortable, supportive environment to explore the world of watercolors. Various methods will be explored including painting wet on a dry surface, wet on a wet page, dry brush, splatter, and how a flat wash and gradation are done. Techniques will include salt, plastic wrap, scoring with a wooden stick, masking fluid, natural sponges and incorporating watercolor pencils into the paintings. Check the supply list before class.

The instructor will suggest ideas for subjects with photographic reference or an object can be brought from home. We will begin with a simple single still life, and then proceed to composition and placement on the page. 

This class will take place in MAM’s Leir Hall. In the event that the museum must close, the class will continue online via Zoom.

See Yard School safety policies for complete health and safety information.

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