Personal Landscapes


Personal Landscapes

February 8–November 29, 2020

Since its founding over 100 years ago, the Montclair Art Museum has been inspired and nourished by the artists in its community.  The Museum is honored to continue that tradition by featuring recent work by artists from Essex County in this exhibition.  The rich diversity of media and quality of work represented is a testament to the talent and creativity of our local artists.

Whether a representation of physical space, or a map of the complex inner workings of the mind, these artists have interpreted their own personal landscapes in a variety of ways.  A bird flits across the screen of B.E.F. Oakes’ video, evoking nostalgia for a half-remembered place.  Through detailed brushwork and luminous color, Christine Elvin breathes life back into locations long forgotten.  Katrina Bello’s massive charcoal and pastel drawing engulfs the viewer, encouraging them to find nature’s messages in the vastness of the landscape.  These aesthetically and conceptually compelling works of art elucidate the stories, memories, and imaginings that are entwined in MAM and its community.

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