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Joyce Korotkin's  "ELSEWHERE: Lost Horizons" series addresses the widening global disconnect between our disparate cultures and dangerously divisive sets of beliefs that seem to be increasingly on the verge of destroying us all. "ELSEWHERE: Lost Horizons" seeks to elicit the evanescent moments we all own; those that light the sky and the troubled world below it with peaceful serenity, or with a fiery beauty that hangs suspended for but a heartbeat, before disappearing into the jarring uncertainties of tomorrow.

ELSEWHERE: Lost Horizons #15. 2020. Oil on canvas. 18" H x 24" W Oval. Unframed.

A landscape on an oval canvas painted by Joyce Korotkin.
About JAM at MAM

This art sale is an opportunity to access extraordinary works by artists across the state and show your support from the comfort of your home. Together we can keep the NJ arts community alive and thriving while supporting those most in need.  

JAM at MAM - Jersey Artist Marketplace at Montclair Art Museum was created to help our artist community, NJ agencies that serve human needs, and MAM.


JAM at MAM  is an art sale, not an auction. It has a rotating roster of artists selling up to three works each. Check back often to view new works!

NJ sales tax (6.625%) will be applied to purchases. Additionally, buyer is responsible for shipping costs. Once a work is sold, we will connect the artist and buyer. Artist will package work for safe arrival within 30 days of purchase. Artist will coordinate shipping logistics and costs directly with the buyer.

See submission page if you're an artist who would like to submit artwork.

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Thank you for supporting artists and the greater community. On behalf of all of us at MAM, we send our best wishes for your health and well-being as we push through these times together.