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(MAM) & Yard School of Art offer American, Native American, & contemporary art exhibitions, programs, & classes in NJ

Led by MAM docents and/or educators, gallery tours are available for visitors from preschool to college and beyond. School programs at MAM are aligned with the Common Core Standards as well as the goals laid out by the Partnership for 21st Century Skills. Gallery conversations promote literacy and evidential reasoning, content knowledge and critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and creativity.


MAM invites students and teachers to…

• look closely, find clues, and solve puzzles

• become engaged with an artwork, through dialogue

• discover connections—between facts and feelings, art and life

• be inspired to create their own stories and artworks

• feel empowered to find their voice at MAM

Please make reservations 4 weeks in advance.

You can also schedule a self-guided group visit, but reservations are required and general group visit guidelines apply.



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Preschool–Grade 5:


Facetime: Exploring Portraits

Who is that person in the painting? What clues can you find about their interests, status, or personality? Discover how artists depict people, from yesterday to today! 


Color, Shape, and Line

Calling all museum detectives! Investigate works of art from different times and places to discover how artists utilize the building blocks of art.


Using Your Senses

Get a unique, multisensory perspective in the galleries as you experience art through your eyes, ears, and fingertips.


Places & Spaces: Landscapes in American Art

Discover the many different ways artists engage with the evolving American landscape and built environment— inside and out. 


The First Americans

Explore Native American art, culture, and history—from ancient times through today.



Grades 6-12, College Students, Adults:


Special Exhibitions

See something new! Take an engaging tour of MAM’s dynamic special exhibitions!


MAM Highlights

Celebrate MAM’s diverse collection of American art with an interactive tour highlighting the best we have to offer in a range of genres and styles.


Beyond the Selfie: Identity in Art

Examine how artists depict a sense of self in art by addressing a variety of characteristics—including culture, religion, personal space, and non-conformity.


Undaunted Spirit

Explore how Native arts have evolved across vast regions of North America in response to social and political change, from earliest times to the present.










Preschool-Grade 1

Young children engage in a developmentally appropriate learning opportunity combining close looking, movement, storytelling, and art-making. Children spend 30 minutes engaging in a playful, open-ended conversation in MAM’s galleries. An art-activity in the studio inspires children to respond creatively to what they saw and experienced. 

75 minutes $40 $10 per student or senior; $6 per chaperone


Grades 2-12, College Students, Adults

An hour-long, theme-based gallery exploration is complemented by 60 minutes of art-making in MAM’s art studios. The hands-on project enhances and reinforces concepts learned through object-based dialogue in the galleries.

2 hours $40 $12 per student/adult;
$6 per chaperone
Look & Write or Look & Sketch
Grades 2-12, College Students, Adults

Complement your gallery tour with a creative writing or sketching activity. Please specify interests when scheduling. All materials are provided by the Museum.

1.5 hours
$10 per student/adult;
$6 per chaperone

Guided Tour

Grades 2-12, College Students, Adults

Docents-led tours of the galleries help visitors make connections between artworks and make meaning through facilitated discussion.

1 hour
$10 per student or senior; $12 per adult
Self-Guided Tour
Grades 2-12, College Students, Adults

Students and adults are invited to explore the galleries independently.

Unlimited during gallery hours
$10 per student or senior; $12 per adult






Select a theme from our list or contact us for a program tailored to fit the needs and interests of your particular group. To schedule a tour or for additional information, please submit an inquiry below or contact Benedetta Balsimelli, Manager of Education Programs at 973-259-5136 or


Please make reservations 4 weeks in advance. Booking fee is due two weeks in advance and the full balance is due the day of the visit.


One chaperone must accompany every 10 students; a maximum of five chaperones may accompany each class.


Each student participating in a group tour will receive a Family Pass granting free admission to MAM for up to 6 family members during a subsequent visit.



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