MAm's African American cultural committee


MAM African American Cultural Committee
The African American Cultural Committee (AACC) at MAM is a group of dedicated artists, community leaders, and volunteers who are engaged in the life of the Montclair Art Museum.

AACC was founded in the 1980s by artist Ben F. Jones, Montclair native and artist Janet Taylor Pickett, and by Montclair writer Valerie Wilson Wesley with a mission to sustain and maintain the legacy of artists of the African Diaspora. In its advocacy role, the AACC is a bridge between the Museum and various communities by forging meaningful connections through outreach and programs, shared values and vision on a local and international level.

An Annual AACC Film Forum, book discussions and signings, trips and excursions are just some examples of programs and events that the AACC sponsors.

For more information about the African American Cultural Committee, please contact William Jiggetts, AACC Chair, at
Current Members

Adunni Anderson
Susan Bershad
Lonnie Brandon
Yolanda Brandon
Tommy Brayboy
Casey Carpenter
Marc Collins
Jayson Council
Marissa Crespo
Wanda Croudy
Mari D'Alessandro
Leah Fox
Shunzyu Haigler
Michael Heningburg
Betty Holloway
Kathy Imlay
William Jiggetts
Ben Jones
Charisse Jones
Cheryl Jones
Martha Kelshaw
David Klein
Wendy Lacey

Jonathan Lee
Linda Leonard-Nevels
Shirley Lewis
Carolyn Logan
Cassandra Martin
Catherine Mastrangelo
William May
Gioya McRae
Rosalind Murphy
Frank Planes
Jeanette Planes
Tanya Poteat
Marjorie Rich  
Robin Roche
Diane Scotland
Jonathan Simon
Janet Summers
Lynne Toye
Sharon Burton Turner
Diana Tyson
Lora Urbanelli
Valerie Wilson Wesley
Matilda Williams