Audio Description for From My Home to Yours: Caroline Monnet and Laura Ortman

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This audio track describes the imagery shown in the film From My Home to Yours at Montclair Art Museum. You can listen to the description along with the projection or separately. If you are listening in the gallery, headphones are preferred and free headphones are available at the front desk for your convenience.

The start of the video is indicated by a 7 second pause in the soundtrack in conjunction with a fully darkened screen. The video runs 30 minutes and 41 seconds.

The audio description was created in collaboration with Montclair State University’s Audio Description course. The audio was written and recorded by students Michelle Roblero-Moreno and Tetsuo Hiromitsu with sound editing by Richard Solis. We thank María José García Vizcaíno, MAM docent and Associate Professor of Spanish and Latino Studies, for leading this effort.