Cyber Studio: Balancing Act

Create your own balancing act inspired by Chaim Gross' artwork "Three Acrobats" in MAM's collection.

You'll need:

Pencil, Erasure, Scissors, Cereal Box or Similar Cardboard (4”x4” Square is a good size), Colored Pencils or Markers, Black Sharpie Marker (optional)

Then follow these steps:

  1. Fold cereal cardboard in half and drawing against the fold create a half of a figure by drawing half a head, one arm bending down and one leg bending up (see photo)
  2. Carefully cut the shape with the cardboard still folded (do not cut along the folded side) and open to see a symmetrical figure.
  3. Experiment with different ideas to create a balancing act. Use a pencil to trace the figure several times in the desired composition (see example photo).
  4. Add a creative idea, a line to show the ground and/or patterns and details to the figures.
  5. Outline with a black sharpie for emphasis (optional step).
  6. Use colored pencils or markers to complete your composition.