Donate to the Collection

Donate to the Collection

The Montclair Art Museum considers the donation of works that fulfill our mission to collect American and Native American art. The Museum follows a policy of selective acquisition according to current priorities. Due to limited resources and space, only donation inquiries which are of specific interest will be considered. Works must not be sent or dropped off at the Museum without instruction to do so.

Please note: Montclair Art Museum cannot offer object identifications to the general public, nor can we authenticate, appraise, or place a value on objects. Please contact the Appraisers Association of America for assistance with these needs. For identification of archaeological objects, please contact the state archaeologist where they were found.

To submit a donation inquiry, please email the following information to: [email protected]. If you are interested in donating a collection of works, provide general information and representative images for the collection as a whole. Please be advised that it may take several weeks to receive a response.


Object Name or Description

Artist’s Name

Donor’s Name

Phone Number


When did you acquire this object?

From whom did you acquire it (name, relationship, place)? Any ownership history/provenance information is helpful.

Are you the legal owner?

Object medium



For consideration, we require clear, high-resolution images of the work, including any inscriptions.