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George Inness: Works in the Collection

George Inness: Works in the Collection

September 12, 2021-July 3, 2022

 "As we link Millet with Barbizon, Whistler with Chelsea, so will the name of George Inness indelibly be associated with Montclair. It is here that he painted many of his most highly valued landscapes."—Montclair Times, March 4, 1922

On view in the George Inness Gallery, a gift of Frank and Katherine Martucci, are selected works from the Montclair Art Museum's renowned collection of more than 20 paintings, 2 watercolors, and 1 etching by the artist George Inness. These are occasionally complemented by selected loans. Every important period of Inness's career is represented, from his earliest work of the 1840s to his profoundly original late work, which expresses the artist's belief in the total unity of material and spiritual existence with broadly brushed, indivisible natural elements. George Inness (1825-1894) is universally acclaimed as a grand master of late nineteenth-century painting, regarded by his contemporaries as America's foremost landscape artist. During his last years, Inness was inspired by the natural beauty of Montclair, where he resided from 1885 to 1894.

Learn about George Inness with Adrienne Baxter Bell, Professor of Art History at Marymount Manhattan College and author of several books and articles on Inness.


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