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Works by Students in Watercolor Techniques and World of Watercolors

Art School Arcade Gallery


Through June 22, 2017


Instructor: Sharon Pitts


It is often said that watercolor is a difficult medium with which to work. Some folks think watercolor is the exclusive domain of Sunday afternoon painters. Others feel that it is unforgiving, that one mistake and the piece is forever ruined. In my classes, however, I work to teach my students that these beliefs are not true. Watercolorists can go far with the medium in terms of color intensity, subject matter, style and size of the work. It is just a matter of doing it.


This exhibition represents about one year’s worth of work, by three watercolor classes each, of last spring, this fall and winter. Over the course of these three sessions we worked on a wide variety of subjects so as to expose students to different ideas and to help them develop their own interests. When an artist paints what interests him/her the result is usually a much more accomplished painting. We work with landscapes, figures, self portraits, reproduced work and make pieces from our imagination. In this way we experience and discover how to use the paint more fully and to see that we can do much more with the paint than we may have originally believed.


I work very hard with my students to help them see. We work to see what we are actually looking at and not mix that up with preconceived ideas. We also work to see possibilities. When we work with the figure we can see form and value. We learn how to mix tints of color for skin tones, we learn to place the figure in a setting. With landscapes we work with how to mix greens so they look natural. There is a big difference between using a green straight out of the tube and mixing a green from blue and a yellow. We study texture. When we work from a reproduction we learn about the ideas of composition, color, and value that are decided by someone else. This helps us to see the way another person sees. When we work from our imagination we are exploring both our own minds and the possibilities of the medium. When we begin to see what the paint can do we make a mental file of techniques and tap into this source when we make our art.


To be able to observe with a stranger’s eye – permits one to see with an artist’s eye.

Jean Rostand





Adventures in Comic Book Art


Montclair Orthodontics

218 Lorraine Ave
Upper Montclair, NJ 07043


Once again, The Yard School of Art at the Montclair Art Museum has been invited to showcase students artwork in the offices of Dr. Edward Gold and Dr. Hadley Rubino.  They have been kind enough to house student outreach exhibitions in collaboration with the MAM Education Department and Yard School of Art.  The artwork on display is created by students in Adventures in Comic Book Art I and II.


Instructor Vicki Arlein explores the elements of comic book art with her students while helping them develop drawing and storytelling skills. The students plan and draft their own comic books while learning about design and composition to create exciting comic book pages and covers. Different mediums and techniques are explored to finish comic books as the students get them ready to print. At the end of each session the students take home their original comic books and their "published" copies.


Adventures in Comic Book Art I is for students ages 6–8. Adventures in Comic Book Art II is offered to students ages 8–12. Beginning fall 2015, Vicki will offer a new comic book art studio class for middle school students as well.


For more information on this exhibit, email yardschoolofart@montclairartmuseum.org



Art School Arcade


The MAM Yard School of Art is pleased to be able to offer our students the opportunity to show their artwork in a professional gallery space. Our shows highlight the diverse range of media and techniques practiced by our students and faculty at the Yard School. The shows, which rotate approximately every six weeks, allow our students to experience the process of preparing a work for exhibition, and are also an excellent way to showcase their talent, as well as the abilities of our seasoned instructors. Additionally, our shows provide prospective students the chance to check out a variety of the Yard School’s class offerings, and the types of artwork that are produced. Receptions for these shows are open to the public.
The Art School Arcade is located on the 1st floor of the Museum.
The Art School Arcade Gallery is a gift of William and Judith Turner.



Children's Arcade


Exhibitions in the Children’s Arcade highlight the work of our school programs and educational partnerships. Many of the exhibitions are the culmination of multiple visits to the Museum for tours and hands-on art-making experiences and complement the MAM’s permanent collection and special exhibitions. The student exhibitions and opening receptions provide a professional and festive culmination to the student’s museum experience.


The Children's Arcade is located on the 1st floor of the Museum.


Special thanks to Patricia Bell and Douglas A. Keller, Jr., for their support of the Museum’s Children’s Arcade Gallery exhibitions. The Children’s Arcade Gallery is a gift of the Plofker Family Foundation.