(MAM) & Yard School of Art offer American, Native American, & contemporary art exhibitions, programs, & classes in NJ

 Landscape Views
The current exhibition of work from my students in both the Monday and Tuesday Landscape classes presents individual expressions of contemporary landscape painting based on traditional painting techniques. Each work is begun in a method that uses separate stages of development for drawing, monochrome value, and color exploration. At that point, students are encouraged to bring their paintings to a resolution that is in accord with their particular aesthetic and artistic intent. One painting may take months of intense work before being considered finished. The final statement made in each artwork is the result of distillations and refinements that each student makes as they stretch their artistic abilities. I am proud to say that the results are uniformly exciting and that this group of artists does great justice to the long history of landscape painting.
-Gary Godbee



Art School Arcade


The MAM Yard School of Art is pleased to be able to offer our students the opportunity to show their artwork in a professional gallery space. Our shows highlight the diverse range of media and techniques practiced by our students and faculty at the Yard School. The shows, which rotate approximately every six weeks, allow our students to experience the process of preparing a work for exhibition, and are also an excellent way to showcase their talent, as well as the abilities of our seasoned instructors. Additionally, our shows provide prospective students the chance to check out a variety of the Yard School’s class offerings, and the types of artwork that are produced. Receptions for these shows are open to the public.
The Art School Arcade is located on the 1st floor of the Museum.
The Art School Arcade Gallery is a gift of William and Judith Turner.



Children's Arcade


Exhibitions in the Children’s Arcade highlight the work of our school programs and educational partnerships. Many of the exhibitions are the culmination of multiple visits to the Museum for tours and hands-on art-making experiences and complement the MAM’s permanent collection and special exhibitions. The student exhibitions and opening receptions provide a professional and festive culmination to the student’s museum experience.


The Children's Arcade is located on the 1st floor of the Museum.


Special thanks to Patricia Bell and Douglas A. Keller, Jr., for their support of the Museum’s Children’s Arcade Gallery exhibitions. The Children’s Arcade Gallery is a gift of the Plofker Family Foundation.