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Something has to be last

Special Exhibitions

Impossible Shadows: The Art of Larry Kagan

Virgil Ortiz: Odyssey of the Venutian Soldiers Exhibition


MAM Highlights

Celebrate MAM’s diverse collection of American art with an interactive tour highlighting the best we have to offer in a range of genres and styles.


Beyond the Selfie: Identity in Art

Examine how artists depict a sense of self in art by addressing a variety of characteristics—including culture, religion, personal space, and non-conformity.


Undaunted Spirit

Explore how Native arts have evolved across vast regions of North America in response to social and political change, from earliest times to the present.


Guided Tour

Explore the galleries with a knowledgeable docent. (1 Hour)

Self-Guided Tour

Explore the galleries independently. (Unlimited time during gallery hours)

Look & Write or Look & Sketch

Gallery tour complemented by a creative writing or sketching activity. (1.5 Hours)


Gallery tour complemented by art-making in the studio. (2 Hours)

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people looking at portraits in the constructing identity in america (1766–2017) exhibiton