(MAM) & Yard School of Art offer American, Native American, & contemporary art exhibitions, programs, & classes in NJ
MAM offers programs and resources to introduce educators and teachers to the Museum's collection and special exhibitions and to offer techniques for integrating the study of art into the classroom. The programs and resources are designed to help teachers from all subject areas to find connections with the collections. The Museum is a registered provider of NJ State Professional Development Credits, and teacher programs are designed to support curriculum goals.
Online MAM Educator Guides

MAM Educator Guides are designed to provide teachers with questions, ideas, and materials for facilitating inquiry-based, open-ended dialogues with students of all ages.Taking artworks as their points of departure, they encourage conversations reaching into other subject areas, such as English and Social Studies and encourage critical thinking, communication, creativity, and collaboration. Lessons are written with middle-school students in mind but can easily be adjusted to the needs of older or younger learners. To request a hard copy of these guides, please email tours@montclairartmuseum.org.


Curriculum Packets

These packets are designed to help you connect the Montclair Art Museum’s exhibitions and tour themes with your classroom curricula and the New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards. Museum visits and related activities developed for this packet address numerous subject areas that are often cross-disciplinary and therefore can combine two or more frameworks. We can also help you organize your MAM visit and pre- or post-visit activities to correspond with your grade in Arts & Humanities, Language Arts/Literacy, History and Social Science, Science & Technology, Mathematics, and World Languages. Following are some relevant classroom topics.

  • Abstraction
  • American History Connection Worksheet
  • American Landscape
  • Identity and Intention
  • Native American – Living Traditions (Elementary)
  • Native American – Patterns, Symbols, and Stories (High School)
  • People and Places
  • Weather, Season Time and Place
School Tours


Led by MAM docents and educators, gallery tours are available for visitors from preschool to college and beyond. Select a theme from MAM’s list or contact us for a program tailored to fit the needs and interests of your particular group!

You can also schedule a self-guided group visit, but reservations are required and general group visit guidelines apply.

School programs at MAM are aligned with the Common Core Standards as well as the goals laid out by the Partnership for 21st Century Skills and promote literacy and evidential reasoning, content knowledge and critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and creativity.

MAM invites students and teachers to:

  • look closely, find clues, and solve puzzles
  • become engaged with an artwork, in a debate
  • discover connections between facts and feelings, art and life
  • be inspired to create their own stories and artworks
  • feel empowered to find their own place at MAM

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Home School


The Montclair Art Museum offers a variety of Home School oriented programs, including a monthly Home School Day held on the third Thursday of the month (September–June) and a Home School Art Class every semester. For more information on current Home School Programs, vist MAM's Family Programs.





The Annual Conversation on Education and the Arts is a lecture that invites prominent minds and talents in the field of education to our community to discuss the arts in our schools, as well as early childhood education and the role of creativity in learning. It is held each fall.


The Museum also offers free Educator Evenings twice a year for educators interested in learning about the Museum's current exhibitions and how the Museum can be a resource for teachers and students.


MAM’s Annual High School Lecture series invites prominent artists to share their insight with teens who are contemplating creative careers. It typically takes place in early spring.


Select additional Museum programs also offer Professional Development credit to educators. See MAM's full upcoming calendar for details.


For more information, please contact:
Petra Pankow, Director of Education, 973-259-5157, ppankow@montclairartmuseum.org