Fall 2020 Class Supply Lists


Abstract Drawing

Marion Held


Acrylic Painting (Teens)

Janice Belove


Digital Art 

Raul Barcelona



Julian Tejera


Dynamic Portraits with Oil & Acrylic

Janet Boltax


Floral Design Master Class Workshops

(Can take individual workshops)

Botanical Jewelry


From Edible to Incredible

Fançoise Weeks


Intermediate & Advanced Landscape Painting

Gary Godbee


Intermediate & Advanced Portraiture



Gary Godbee


Intermediate Painting

Julian Tejera


Introduction to Drawing

Marion Held


Introduction to Paint and Print on Evolon

Dorothy Cochran


Introduction to Painting

Julian Tejera


Painting with Soft Pastels

Sarah Canfield


Self Care Saturdays Workshop Series

(can take individual workshops)

Peg Kenselaar and Nanci Iovino


Video Production

Raul Barcelona