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Scholarship Opportunities


Nathaniel C. Harris, Jr. Yard School of Art Scholarship

Nathaniel C. Harris, Jr. Yard School of Art Scholarship is offered through the Montclair Art Museum for children grades K-12. The program is dedicated to promoting diversity, and offers motivated students free tuition for one studio course during the school year, as well as exposure to arts professions. Decisions are based on merit and financial need in an effort to provide equal access to students' investigations of career opportunities in the arts. Read about the history of the Nat Harris Scholarship or watch a video featuring him. 


To apply

Complete and submit an application form, and have a teacher complete and submit a nomination form. Both forms are required to be eligible for consideration.

Fall Application & Nomination Deadline: Monday, September 28, 2020



Online Nomination Form ➜

Online Scholarship Application ➜




For more information, please contact Kristine Bowen, Assistant Director, Youth and Family Programs, 973-259-5159,