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Sketchbook Challenge


The Yard School of Art may be temporarily closed, but you can still create with MAM. Beginning, Saturday, March 21, join us for the #MAMSketchbookChallenge! 

Anyone can join the MAM Sketchbook Challenge. It’s open to all ages. Just pick up a pencil or pen and start drawing! 

Here's how it works:

  1. We’ll share an artwork from our collection and a sketching prompt.

  2. Create a drawing inspired by the prompt. All you need is paper and a pencil or pen, but feel free to embellish your drawings as you like.  

  3. Post it on Instagram, Facebook, and/or Twitter and tag @mammontclair with the hashtag #MAMsketchbookchallenge

  4. Your sketches may be featured in our daily round up.

  5. Visit the next day and repeat! 



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Day 1 Draw a hand holding something inspired by Rafael Ferrer's painting, Notes

Day 2 Draw a still life of toilet paper rolls inspired by Alexander Calder's lithograph, The Universe.

Day 3 Draw a vehicle inspired by Andy Warhol's Twelve Cadillacs.

Day 4 Draw a nighttime scene inspired by Kenzo Okada's Moon is Down

Day 5 Draw a houseplant or plant in your garden inspired by Georgia O'Keeffe's Skunk Cabbage.

Day 6 Draw a still life with four favorite objects inspired by John Frederick Peto's Pipe, Mug, Book, and Candlestick

Day 7 Draw your favorite story or myth inspired by Adolph Gottleib's Spectre of the Sea.

Day 8 Sketch a family member inspired by Ben Benn's Untitled (Female head), 1956

Day 9 Draw your dessert inspired by Sharon Core's Pie Counter, 2003

Day 10 Draw something really close up inspired by Alexis Rockman's Pond Life, 1988

Day 11 Sketch a room inside your home inspired by Harry Fenn's The Studio; Cecelia Thaxter's Study, n.d.

Day 12 Draw a piece of fruit or a collection of fruits inspired by Morgan Russell's Untitled (Still Life Color Study), ca. 1915

Day 13 Draw what you’re cooking or eating today inspired by Emil Carlsen's Fish and Copper Bowl, 1890

Day 14 Draw your fears inspired by Leonard Koscianski 's The Law of the Jungle, 2010

Day 15 Draw your hopes, dreams, or your inner truth inspired by Hank Willis Thomas's Ernest and Ruth, 2015

Day 16 Draw an item of clothing inspired by Jaune Quick-to-See Smith's War Shirt, 1992

Day 17 Sketch the different types of trees on your street inspired by Milton Avery's Trees: Thick and Thin, 1959

Day 18 Draw a pair of shoes inspired by Teri Greeves's Gourd Dance: Fully Beaded Tennis Shoes, 2003

Day 19 Draw your favorite toy(s)! inspired by William Baziotes's Toy Animal, 1947

Day 20 Draw a self-portrait inspired by Chuck Close's Self-Portraits #1-5, 2002

Day 21 Draw a still life of tools in your home inspired by Jacob Lawrence's Tools, 1977

Day 22 Draw a bridge. A real one or an imaginary one you design inspired by Elsie Driggs's Queensborough Bridge, 1927

Day 23 Draw a favorite beach you’ve visited in summers past inspired by Hayley Lever's Beach at St. Ives, Cornwall, England, n.d.

Day 24 Draw your favorite book inspired by Claude Raguet Hirst's Ode to Superstition, ca. 1923

Day 25 Sketch a triptych — three drawings of a scene — from three different angles inspired by Robert Birmelin's Three Moments - The City, 1989

Day 26 Draw an animal in the wild inspired by Hiroshi Sugimoto's Gorilla, 1994

Day 27 Let’s get colorful! Create a few sketches consisting of squares and experiment with different colors in each inspired by Josef Albers's Homage to the Square: Wide Roots, 1961

Day 28 Draw your own “Soundsuit”  inspired by Nick Cave's Soundsuit, 2015

Day 29 Create a mask that tells a story of your family inspired by Don Lelooska Smith's Transformation Mask, ca. 1984

Day 30 In your home document any naturally occurring faces you can find inspired by Martin Johnson's FOR, 1989







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