Cyber Studio: Katsina Dolls

Learn and create with us as art educator Aggie Wszolkowska shows us how to create katsina dolls at home. These are inspired by the Hopi katsina dolls in Montclair Art Museum's Native American Collection.

You'll need:
– a cardboard box
– scissors
– paint brushes
– glue
– acrylic paint in red, yellow, blue, black, and white
or oil pastels in assorted colors

Then follow the steps:
– Cut the top and bottom flaps off your cardboard box. You can create two dolls with one box.
– Cut the cardboard into shapes like rectangles, circles, and triangles to create the parts of your katsinas.
– Arrange the shapes to form your dolls, then glue them together.
– Using either black acrylic paint or black oil pastel, outline all shapes and add some decorative designs. 
– Start painting the parts of your katsinas. Start with white, then use primary colors.
– Then, mix primary colors to create secondary colors. Keep filling in sections of your dolls. 
Remember: blue + yellow = green
blue + red = purple
red + yellow = orange
– Enjoy your katsina dolls! Keep one for yourself, and give one to a friend!