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Close up image of a child's hand as they use an oil pastel to color on brown paper. There is a container of oil pastels to the left and a container of feathers in the foreground.
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Your resource for learning or teaching at home based on MAM's collection and exhibitions.
A screenshot from the cyber Studio fishbowls video. It shows the finished project and has text "let's create fishbowls."
Cyber Studio: Fishbowls

Create at home with MAM art educator Lisa Conrad!

Screenshot fro the fearless lion cyber studio video. Text says "let's create a fearless lion."
Cyber Studio: Fearless Lion

Create a Fearless Lion at home with MAM art educator Peg Kenselaar!

I'm an image! A collage of different Virtual Museum features.
More Cyber Studios

We add a new Cyber Studio weekly!

Art x Math = Creativity Multiplied

Where will the intersection of art and math take you today?

a screenshot of the title card for art x math equals creativity multiplied.
Scavenger Hunts
Take a close look at your surroundings with interactive games.

Great for single or multiple players!

Print the scavenger hunt boards below. You'll need a pencil or pen. Share your drawings or your scavenger hunt finds with us on social media using the hashtag #MAMScavengerHunt

Something has to be last
Woman with child
Learn, Create, Teach

Learn about Virgil Ortiz's Venutian Soldiers, then create your own super hero in the Heroes Among Us activity.

Virgil Ortiz's armore for neena sits in the foreground. Several of his ornate ceramic artworks are in cases in the back ground.
Family guide to the gallery

Explore the Federico Uribe: Animalia exhibition with a fun, educational guide for kids and families. 

I'm an image! Part of the Animalia exhibition at MAM, A scene of animals made of found and recycled materials by federico Uribe.
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