Cyber Studio: My Freedoms Zine

Create your own Freedoms Zine inspired by the Fragile Freedoms: Maggie Meiners Revisits Rockwell exhibition at MAM.



  • 3-4 pieces of printer paper
  • Colored pens, markers, and/or pencils 
  • Scissors
  • A sewing needle 
  • Thread



  1. Stack the papers and fold them in half as if you were creating a book. Keeping them stacked, open it up and lay the pages flat.
  2. Using the needle, create three, evenly spaced holes down the fold seam. Make sure the needle goes through all of the pages. 
  3. Thread your needle with about a foot of thread. Make a knot leaving about 2 inches on the end. Starting on the inside fold (where the middle of your zine will be) thread your needle through the first hole you made and gently tug through. Turn your zine and weave your needle through the second and third hole. 
    1. When you are at the third hole, thread back through the second and first hole, creating a continuous line of stitches on both sides.
  4. You should now have your needle on the outside seam. Poke your needle slightly below the hole you were working in and thread through. Tie the two ends of the string and trim.
  5. Design the cover of your zine.
  6. Let's start with Freedom of Speech: Draw what Freedom of Speech looks like to you.
  7. Explore the idea of Freedom from Fear: Draw a single line drawing without taking your pen off the paper. Press as hard or light as you’d like to express your emotions.
  8. Title each page a Freedom or another Reflection you would like to explore. Some ideas: Freedom from Want, Things I’m Proud Of, My Truths. 


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