Cyber Studio: Styrofoam Prints

Create a styrofoam print to use again and again! Want more art at home? Register for virtual SummerART Camp.


You'll need: 

  • Piece of styrofoam; can be recycled from packaging or food takeout containers! if so, be sure to clean with soap and water before starting the project
  • Pencil
  • Scrap paper
  • Washable markers
  • Paper to create your print on
  • Clean sponge
  • Container of water


  1. Sketch your print design on a piece of paper first. Keep in mind you can erase on the paper, but not on the styrofoam! So make your sketch exactly as you want it on your foam.
  2. Place your sketch on the styrofoam sheet and trace, pressing firmly with the pencil. The paper may tear as you do this, but that is okay!
  3. Go over your design on the styrofoam again to be sure it is pressed in enough for your design to show up.
  4. Color your design with washable markers. Tip: the markers can smudge, so color from left to right if you are right-handed, or right to left if you are left-handed!
  5. Wet your sponge and squeeze out most of the water, then press it onto your paper. The paper should be damp, not saturated with the water.
  6. Press your colored styrofoam, colored side facing down, onto your wet paper. Rub the back of the foam all over your image, so that your print is created evenly.
  7. Peel off your styrofoam slowly to reveal your print! You can create another print by rinsing off the remaining marker, drying it with a paper towel, and coloring again.